Must have: Tweed Jacket

 Must have: Tweed Jacket

The word "tweed" is associated for me with certain things: the wool, hard, lumpy tissue to warm men's suits and coats.
The warm, heavy, "male". Something bulky, unsightly and eternal - like the Russian huts or old wooden furniture. 
Men's tweed jackets - expensive, but quality thing. These tweed jackets can be worn for decades and only from time to time to change or perish with a silk lining to put in the laundry room. By the smell emanating from the tweed jacket is easy to determine what the owner at the time when wearing a jacket (walking with the dog was on a horse race, smoking), as well as wool absorbs odors.

To explain the love of an old tweed jacket easily. First, it is usual, my own thing. Second, a tweed jacket and skinny most frail man becomes a reliable and serious man.

An absolute "must have" in modern man's

Examples of how to perfect balance classic tweed jacket with modern trends:

Tweed Look Book: