Must have: Men's Shoes - Loafers

Beginning with the history of, this model of shoes appeared in the early 30s. Loafers were created by members of the family of Spaulding. But they have become known only in the 50s, when the brand Gucci has shown them in their new collection.
Lofer somewhat resemble moccasins. But as a rule, distinguished by the presence of a thick soles low heel.
There are two types of classical models of Loafers. One - it's Loafers with leather tassels on the nose. And second - Penny Loafers, with a small slot on the nose. This name they received due to the fact that in the 50 American students inserted a coin, hoping to pass the exams well.
Loafers "with leather tassels on the nose" can be combined with office suit, and a penny version-Loafers more appropriate for casual Friday style.

Another point is the wearing of Lofer in bare feet. This is acceptable, except for the combination with office suit.